Together for Better!

Creating a Sustainable Mobility Ecosystem

We, at EV-CO, are a community of believers building a sustainable mobility ecosystem. We want to create a better tomorrow with a sense of oneness and hope. Giving our community a motive to dream and achieve transformation through an upgraded mobility system while also providing financial upliftment and ecological benefits is now what we envision to place ourselves in the world.

Our Products

Let's achieve your desire to be important and unique together.

Features / USP

Let's achieve your desire to be important and unique together.

PMSM Sine wave motor

A PMSM Sine wave motor for extra power.

BT FM box

A FM Box with latest bluetooth connectivity and crystal clear sound.

Heavy back suspension

Our EV comes with a Heavy back suspension to handle heavy weight.

PU seats

EV have PU seats for long lasting life and also gives a comforts.

Ample legroom

Amble legroom with fully comforts for the passengers.

Digital driver’s Display

Digital driver's display with all the vehicle alerts and details.

New Age EV Manufacturing Company

Our motto is Together for Better, and we strive every day to add meaning and substance to our people, partners, and stakeholders' lives. EV- CO is your companion, your friend to help you create positive relationships and encourage you to lead a balanced life.

Our company is based in the capital city of India, which specializes in L5M and L5N passenger and cargo vehicles, respectively. We have a range of value-added products for varied customer needs. EV is a complete solution provider which will help you at every step, whether a product, sales, after-sales, or financial services.

3 Reasons to Choose EV CO


Robust construction, designed to withstand the challenging terrain of Indian roads.


Built with top-quality components ensuring reliable, long-lasting performance.


Efficient electric motor, reducing emissions, perfect for urban environments.

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